How to Integrate RetentionKit with Klaviyo

If you use Klaviyo as your email marketing platform you can integrate it with RetentionKit. Once the integration is completed you’ll now be able to see a new metric called “RetentionKit – Cancellation Survey”.

  1. Open your Klaviyo account. Click Account > Settings > API Keys > Copy the Public API Key
  2. Go to your website’s dashboard
  3. Find the “RetentionKit” link in the left navigation bar. Click RetentionKit > Integrations
  4. Click Enable Klaviyo
  5. Paste the Public API Key and save changes

6. After a cancellation attempt has triggered RetentionKit you’ll start to see the “RetentionKit – Cancellation Survey” metric on Klaviyo. This will pull the data from RetentionKit onto Klaviyo including the cancellation reason and the result

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