#1 Subscription Retention Extension for WooCommerce

Stop Losing Subscription Customers in WooCommerce

RetentionKit is a WooCommerce Subscriptions extension that allows you to create custom cancel experiences to improve retention, keep your recurring revenue steady and your customers happy.

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cancellation workflows

Create custom cancellation workflows to boost retention

When your customers go to cancel, present them with a customized cancel popup experience that gathers information and keeps them subscribed.

  • Trigger different workflows by product or product categories
  • Enable / disable popup steps
  • Customize popup images and copy
  • Track metrics per workflow
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cancellation Surveys

Understand Why Customers Cancel with Surveys

Poll your customers before they cancel to understand why they want to leave. Use this information to improve your store and reduce churn.

  • Track & store survey responses
  • Send survey responses to Klaviyo
  • Customize survey responses
  • Create custom surveys per product
Renewal Discounts

Give Customers Incentives to Stay

Give customers discounts on their next subscription to keep them retained. Create different discounts per subscription product or product category.

  • Auto-create coupons that apply to the customer’s subscription
  • Customize coupon details per workflow
  • Prevent coupons from being used multiple times
  • Give customers the option to skip their next subscription period
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Subscription retention analytics

Track Subscription Retention Stats & Survey Responses

Your analytics dashboard show you total retention and churn statistics. View statistics per survey and see a log of all survey responses.

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official Klaviyo Partner integration

Enrich Your Klaviyo Win-back Flows

Create targeted win-back flows based on the customer’s cancellation reason with our Klaviyo integration.

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1. Customer chooses a cancellation reason

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2. Event gets triggered and gets tracked in Klaviyo

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3. Trigger an email sequence to bring them back with Klaviyo

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Backed by WooCommerce Experts

RetentionKit is a product of Tribe Interactive, LLC. We’re a WooCommerce expert development and marketing agency that specializes in helping Ecommerce subscription brands build and scale their stores. We’ve built RetentionKit to help our clients and are happily now making it available to help your store grow too.

  • Fast & Friendly Support
  • WooCommerce Expertise
  • Frequently Updated

Improve Your Retention Today

Join other WooCommerce brands using RetentionKit to improve their subscription retention by an average of 40%.

  • Create cancellation surveys
  • Offer renewal discounts
  • Allow subscription skipping
  • Integrate with Klaviyo
  • Analytics dashboard
  • Future releases / updates
  • Email support
  • Multi-language support
  • Free growth strategy call
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